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Ims Software Nepal

Ever since its establishment, it has been involved in various business activities including developing software of many types for their local market such as IMS POS software, IMS Restaurant Software, IMS Distribution Management, IMS Petrol Pump Management, IMS Parking Management and many more.

Ims Software Nepal

IMS Software has been involved in developing software solutions that help fulfil the demand of both local and international markets. It provides high-performance software to businesses by helping them to adapt to technology and innovation without interfering with normal operations.

Today, we are proud to be associated with more than 20,000 retail & restaurant clients in Nepal, India, Malaysia and Japan. Worldwide giant brands like Patanjali & Nestle are using IMS Distribution Management Software in all their Importers, Distributors, and Franchises in India (Patanjali) & Nepal (Patanjali & Nestle). We have more than 3000 satisfied customers in Nepal who are using different types of software of IMS.

For retail sales units, from single cash tellers to large networks where high-speed billing is the key to efficiency, IMS- POS has the answer. Our POS management software is fully, bar code integrated that helps in prompt billing. Our system comprises Billing, Cash Management, Inventory, and Finance Modules. Multi Terminal, Multi warehouse, VAT, Automatic generation of product code.

IMS Parking Management Software maintains track of inbound and outbound vehicle timings and determines the rates and amount to charge the client in the form of an invoice. The software also keeps track of the accounting. This software is mostly used in conjunction with a barcode scanner to keep track of timings and generate invoices effectively and efficiently.

IMS DMS- software is a complete solution of distribution functions that includes sales order management, supply chain management, inventory management, accounting & financial, and customizable reporting system. It is a robust web-based single platform that ensures tracking and maintaining transactions & movement of goods of the entire distribution chain.

MedBillingExperts has over 10 years of experience in assisting various healthcare companies manage their Intelligent Medical Software Billing Services. We have a complete understanding of the challenges associated with using Intelligent Medical Software Billing Services and tap into this knowledge to assist our clients enhance their revenue through the EHR software. Our proficiency in handling this application has helped our clients shift their entire focus on providing quality services to their patients.

IMS - Intelligent Medical Software is a medical practice management remedy. It is a web-based software which provides various services such as claims management, payment processing, appointment scheduling, etc. It allows the patient history and medical records to be assembled on the portal. With the imbibed automated practice workflow, it can go through optimization for practice reporting and cloud-based prescribing. This EHR software caters to making the working process easy with its clinical forms and unique templates. IMS software is mostly useful in billing for specialized fields such as pain management, internal medicine, rheumatology, mental health etc.

IMS Software was established in 2000AD with the vision to carry out full IT solution for the businesses of Nepal. Ever since its establishment we have been involved in developing software solutions that help fulfill demands of both the local and international market. We provide high performance software to our clients that helps them to adapt to technology and innovation without interfering with normal operations: a system that is created for growth and efficiency whilst also being powerful and simple to use!

IMS has been involved in various business activities including developing software of many types for the local market such as IMS POS software, IMS Restaurant Software and IMS Time Trax Attendance and Leave Management Software.

IMS software is an IT company that makes several software for consumers including businesses. Customers of IMS software now can directly make payments to their creditors through IMS software via CellPay.

Before downloading CanSurv version 1.4, you must read and sign the Terms of Use Agreement below and complete the registration form. After completing the form you will receive an e-mail with a link to the software download. The download link will expire after 24 hours. If your link has expired, request a new one using the Already Registered? form.

"Provider": the National Cancer Institute"Recipient": the party who receives software materials from the Provider under this agreement"Software": CanSurv, a statistical software program developed by IMS, Inc. under contract for the NCI

The information below is needed to record acceptance of the Terms of Use agreement, to evaluate the types of software users in order to be responsive to user needs, and to notify users of updates. If you would like to be notified of updates, please indicate so below. All fields are required.

IMS Software Private Limited was established in year 2000 with the sole purpose of fulfilling the need of emerging software solution requirement in the country. At first, IMS Software suffered a huge setback due to lack of software requirements and knowledge about the use of software in daily life. The whole team had to not only sell the software but to educate the clients before the team made any effort to sale any kind of software. Today, IMS Software is proudly serving more than 2000 satisfied customers inside Nepal and 600 customers in Malaysia. IMS Software is a leading Software company for retail and restaurant software solution in Nepal. IMS Software believes in growing together. At IMS, employees and the employers work together closely to create a pleasant working environment . When a work environment is efficient and friendly the extent of conflict within the workplace is reduced. Less conflict results in the employees being able to concentrate on the tasks at hand and they are therefore more productive.

Spatial distribution of crocodilians worldwide. (a) Taxonomic diversity (TD); (b) functional diversity (FD); (c) phylogenetic diversity (PD); and (d) relationships between TD, FD and PD. The maps were created in ArcGIS Pro software60.

Spatial distribution of the conservation prioritization models on a global scale, based on the three dimensions of crocodilian diversity (TD, FD and PD) and spatial distribution of threatened species. The maps were created in ArcGIS Pro software60 and the illustrations of species were created by L-d-M. Lia.

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